Zosia Gautier

Travessa Das Dores, 1300-205 Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Zosia Gautier
About this Gig

Hello hello!!
Are you ready to be cheered up with some Brazilian rhythms, bluesy, pop covers and storytelling of my songs?
Here we are, with my sunny presence and joy, my gigs are based on a large genre repertoire, mixing great known and unknown songs from Brazil, US, Great Britain and France. During my shows, I entertain people with comments or backstories of the songs that I compose or that I learned. English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish! These are the languages that I use to express myself in art and life, just to embrace all of my inspirations, and the cultures that I encountered during my musical and personal way. My love to share stories of friends and life experience, brought me to write more in an ironical and comical way, so to make people laugh, understand and also feel what I felt.
Stories, funny facts, moments of emotional singing and freedom of expression, are my ways to interact with the audience, usually international.
Cheers and ciao!! I hope to hear from you!

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