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Valkymia is the ancient name for Alchemy… which relates to the way how we use the medicine of the multiverse through the information of our blood and our cells 🧙🏼

Music is also our medicine and my project intends to create healing frequencies that can heal us from the demanding day to day challenges 💎

Together with all our other epigenetic behaviours and environment that can cause changes that affect the way our genes work, music is a very important and powerful ingredient to our longevity 🧿

Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change our DNA sequence, but they can change how our body reads a DNA sequence 🧬

With the proper Hertzian frequencies we can heal ourselves and others, and even align our Chakras or reprogram our cells to work well and surpass many body conditions 💫

Music is the only power that can make our brain to synchronise both hemispheres which creates an unique sensation in our body and makes us emotional and rational at the same time 🧠

This project is for the ones that want to travel in this journey with me and discover the power of music through different genres and stories…because there is only 2 kinds of music…good and bad! And we will look together for the best ✨

From Ibiza villa parties, to Tulum cenotes, passing by the jungles of Thailand and London during the classics house, all tunes are carefully taken into consideration to read the dance floor and collect the most amazing smiles from your event ⚜️🧚🏿🍭🚀

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