Ericeira, Lisbon, Portugal
m!kie m!kie m!kie m!kie
DisplacementsAll country
About this Gig

Hi there! M!kie here)
I was born in Moscow, Russia and started traveling at the age of 15. My music taste started traveling even earlier, I was 3-4 years old when my mom locked me in the car with the White Album of Beatles playing in the car))
Since then we made a great journey across the Universe (space- and music-wise)!
Now I’m offering to join my very unique listening experiences for those who are curious about the stories inside the music.
I’m feeling myself same confident in chill-out, warm-up/opening, prime-time and closing occasions.
My preferred styles are downtempo and organic house, though if you ask me for breaks or epic drum&bass (DnB prime time only) – I’ll be happy to help!

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