Jøey - DJ Set

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Jøey - DJ Set Jøey - DJ Set
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About this Gig

A captivating blend of electronic music weaving a harmonious tapestry of afro/organic/ethno/melodic house & techno with a spice of disco, and soulful house. With my unwavering passion for sharing my craft and a knack for creating seamless transitions, I will try to transport you to a world of pulsating beats, uplifting melodies, and an undeniable sense of connection.

My artistic vision is deeply inspired by the works of Keinemusik, Folamour, Black Coffee, Ben Böhmer, and Pablo Fierro. These pioneers of electronic music have shaped my approach to genre-blending and mt dedication to creating emotionally resonant DJ sets. Expect to hear echoes of their signature sounds interwoven into my eclectic selection, adding another layer of depth and intrigue to the performances.

Book for an evening where passion and artistry converge, as I’ll do my best to guide you through a captivating sonic journey. Let me paint a unique peace of electronic music, taking you on an unforgettable adventure through the vibrant tapestry of my inspirations.

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