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In 1992, Liza Veiga began her artistic career as an actress and singer at Teatro C.A.C., in Torres Vedras. In 2001, recorded an album of light music, presenting it in shows throughout the country and abroad, as well as in several television performances.

Showing a great appetite for lyrical singing, for which she chose, she began her studies at the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa, in the class of the singer and teacher José Carlos Xavier.

Performed concerts in the great Salão Nobre do Conservatório Nacional, Salão Nobre do Palácio Foz, Museu da Música, Igreja de São Sebastião (Setúbal), Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho de Setúbal, among others.

As part of a project by the Atelier de Opera of EMCN, she performed around twelve recitals of the Opera “Die Zauberflõte”, by Mozart, playing the character of the Queen of the Night, at Teatro da Trindade, Quinta da Regaleira, Palácio da Ajuda, and Quinta da Bacalhoa, directed by Jorge Listopad.

Played the character Despina, from the opera “Cosi fan tutti”, by Mozart, presented at the Jardim de Inverno do Teatro São Luíz and at Cine -Teatro da Amadora, staged by Jorge Listopad.

Participated in a Lyric concert as a soloist at the FIAR, International Festival, in Palmela.

Sang the protagonist Kate, from Cole Porter’s Musical “Kiss-me Kate”, at Teatro de São Luíz, as part of the series Os Grandes Mestres do Musical Americano, directed by Nuno Feist, staged by João Pereira Bastos.

Liza Veiga toured in Germany with Karl-Heinz Stracke Inter – World Production, starring Christine, in the operetta “Das Phantom der Oper”, in German version, having performed at the Munich Philharmonic, Hannover Theater, Stuttgart Theater, Frankfurt Theater , Schiller Theater in Berlin, among many others.

As a lyrical singer, she released her first album in 2005, recorded in the Czech Republic produced by Chiado Records and edited by Som Livre (Sony Music) accompanied by the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, having already performed numerous concerts in halls and Palaces of Portugal, namely the Palácio da Bolsa do Porto, on the island of Madeira in the Sala Ursa Menor, Penha Palace, Xabregas Palace, Lisbon Casino, among others.

Liza Veiga was a guest artist of the national television station, SIC, to participate in the “Gala Sangue Latino”, where she could show other vocal skills in addition to the lyrical register, as well as her aptitude for dance, and also in the same condition of guest artist of the same station television commemorated the thirteenth anniversary, presenting several musical themes, with the musical direction of Nuno Feist, and artistic direction of Henrique Feist.

Represented Portugal at the International Festival of Religious Music 2006 in Valencia accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra “Cascais e Oeiras”, presenting Oratories by Mozart, and two pieces also of Oratory by two Portuguese composers, João Sousa Carvalho and Marcus Portugal, with direction by Maestro Nikolay Lalov, and with the same repertoire and orchestra he performed two more Easter concerts, at the Church of S. Domingos de Rana and Church of the municipality of Paço D’Arcos.

During the summer of 2007, in the south of Portugal, in partnership with the Algarve Orchestra and Acta (A Companhia de Teatro do Algarve), the opera “O Empresarial” by Mozart, starring the character Madame Hertz, staged by Paulo Matos and directed by Maestro Osvaldo Ferreira.

Was the classical artist invited to the Festas do Mar in Cascais in the summer of 2008 performing with a brass chamber orchestra with the conductor Simon Watsworth.
Between September 2008 and January 2009 she was on scene as an actress and singer with the play “Don Quixote”, directed by Andrzej Kowalski and produced by Acta, Companhia de Teatro do Algarve.

In January 2009 she was the soloist of the New Year’s concerts, accompanied by the Cascais Oeiras Orchestra and directed by Maestro Nicolay Lalov.
Liza Veiga was on scene as a singer and actress with the play “Ardente — Memorial a Pedro e Inês de Portugal”, produced by ACTA (The Theater Company of the Algarve), directed by Leszek Madzik. The presence of Liza Veiga marked a debut in the director’s career, having been the first time to use live voice in a production by the renowned director. With this production she was part of the International Theater Festival in Poland Konfrontage Teatralne in Lublin and Ogólnopolski Festival Teatrow Lalek in Opole becoming known by the Polish media as “The girl who enchanted Berlin”.

In 2014 she wins and brings back to Portugal the international prize Fox Music Awards USA 2013 best Voice Lyric Fusion. In the same year, she held the Caniço Gastronomic Fair on Madeira Island for the second consecutive year, participated in the “Gala Sem Preconceito” at Teatro Cinema São Jorge, as well as the Conselheiros da Visão Gala at Casino Estoril and was also the official singer of the Gala from AMI.

In 2016 it closes the XXI Gala of Homage to the Firefighters of Portugal, and under the direction of Maestro Armindo Pereira Luis accompanied with the Orquestra de Camara of the GNR participated in the humanitarian Gala “Spirit To Serve Our Communities”.

Liza Veiga was the official singer of two Galas Haresp 2016/2018, delivery of the 2018/19 Olympic tribute, sang the “100 Years of EPAL” and also participated in the opening of the Web Summit Energisers Galp, inaugurated Nova SBE Executive Education with the Orchestra Cascais Oeiras under the direction of Maestro Nicolay Lalov.

In 2019, she was once again linked to the Theater, participating in the comedy play “Menage” directed by Filipe Salgueiro, in 2020 she puts on stage the Madrediva project (fusion of lyric/fado).

In 2021 Liza Veiga performs at the Investiture Ceremony of the Ordem de Malta or Cavaleiros Hospitalários (officially Ordem Soberana e Militar Hospitalária de São João de Jerusalém, de Rodes e de Malta), in “Sacra Infermeria” em Valletta.

In 2022, embodies the character “Death”, in the play “Algodão Doce”, accumulating functions in artistic direction and vocal mentoring, staging by Filipe Salgueiro.

On November 25, 2022, acts at the reopening of Convento do Beato.

In 2022 it is sponsored by Princess Isabel Cosmelli and by the Ambassador, Architect and Plastic Artist Júlio Quaresma and invested “Lady” by the Grand Master José Cosmelli, by the Ordem de Malta ou Cavaleiros Hospitalários (officially Ordem Soberana e Militar Hospitalária de São João de Jerusalém, de Rodes e de Malta), na “Sacra Infermeria” em Valletta

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