Delmonte Music

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Delmonte Music
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About this Gig

s DELMONTE, I’m making waves in the global Tech House scene.
Hailing from Valencia but currently based in Lisbon, my sets are a blend of energetic tech house fused with progressive beats and sprinkled with old and iconic hits, creating a nostalgic yet exhilarating musical journey.
Sharing stages with the likes of Todd Terry, Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Green Velvet, Larock, Jamie Jones, Alex Gaudino, Erick Morrillo, &me, Pablo Fierro, and many more has been a highlight of my career. Now, I’m charting a course towards the
limitless sky. Starting from northern Portugal, I’ve journeyed through renowned European clubs, leaving a lasting impression wherever I play. My connection with the audience is where I truly thrive, and I’ve been honored to grace prestigious clubs and festivals worldwide, often being dubbed the “Marqués of Lisbon.”.

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